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"Japanese art program"
<Prof. Akira Kurosaki who lectures in
technique of print>

The artist dispatch program is executed aiming of international exchange and contribution of fine arts with Liden University in the Netherlands from 2005.
At the same time, the Japanese Art Seminar is held from 2012 for a target exceeding the student of the faculty of Japanese studies for the purpose of understanding of the Japanese culture to wide range of people.

>> About Japanese Art Seminar 2013
<Japanese art program 2005->
The 1st “Woodblock Print” Lecturer:Akira Kurosaki(Woodblock print artist)
The 2nd “Calligraphy” Lecturer:Toshu Ogawa(Calligraphy artist)
The 3rd “Sumie painting” Lecturer:Masatune Hojo(Japanese-style painter)
The 4th “Pottery” Lecturer:Kazu Fujiwara(Ceramic artist)
The 5th “Calligraphy” Lecturer:Toshu Ogawa(Calligraphy artist)
The 6th “Japanese painting” Lecturer:Norihiko Saito(Japanese-style painter)
The 7th “Woodblock Print” Lecturer:Seiichiro Miida(Woodblock print artist)
<Contents of a Japanese art program in Leiden University>

Purpose For understanding promotion for Japanese art in foreign countries, we perform the lecture that covered history / theory / practice side comprehensively in some traditional fields of Japanese art in Leiden University.

Our foundation cooperates with Leiden University by a plan of this program and the furtherance for a dispatch artist.
Content of lecture The historical introduction to the subject
An examination of theoretical and aesthetic aspect
Practical experience in technique
The dispach artist will cooperate in teaching. with professor of Leiden University.
Qualification During the stay, Leiden University will appoint the dispatch artist as a Visiting professor of Japanese Arts at Leiden University.
It will be provided to the student by the University upon conclusion of the course.
The exhibition of student work At the end of the course, the students' works will be exhibit in the Faculty Building in the University.

The exhibition of
work of dispatch artist
During the stay the work of dispatch artist will be exhibited in art gallery in Leiden.
Besides the above activities, we are planning further multifaceted projects to deepen the understanding of art.

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