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Message from The Japan Association for the Promotion of Arts
I will drop a courtesy on the occasion of web site of Foundation establishment.
This foundation was founded in response to the Minister of Education's approval in 1981 for the purpose of aiming at and having exchange of a work of art with many foreign countries, and contributing to improvement and development of our country fine-arts culture while promoting exchange of fine-arts culture widely and encouraging the creative activity based on the tradition of Japanese culture. While internationalization centering on economy progresses, promotion of culture in domestic and the exchange with overseas is regarded as the important policy of our country -- many fields are asked for improvement and development of various culture. This foundation is the intention of doing one's best under the name of gfine-arts culture promotionh it contributing to development and the international exchange of broad fine-arts culture in and outside the country. I ask you to give me support of the Gentlemen concerned.
The Japan Association for the Promotion of Arts

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